I am with You

Written by: Ravindra K Kapoor

I was in a thrill 
While watching the beauty
Of the diminishing Sun, and 
Feeling that the darkness would 
Slowly engulf everything.  

The returning birds 
Had eloped from the sky 
With their soul mates. 
The last of the fading sun beams too 
Were in a hurry 
To touch only the top of the trees.

Only I was there,
Watching and waiting  
While standing amid the flowers and trees.

The diminishing Sun,
Was trying to hide  and go away, 
Knowing that the night would slowly 
Approach without stopping and 
Would remain there,
Till the sunrays eliminates the darkness,
By its sunbeams and light next morning.

The colorful clouds in the sky,
Were hovering all around the sun
Making that evening, 
An evening of some memorable moments

In that serene quietness, I was trying to hear, 
The melodious singing of the loving birds.

To make it more enchanting,
Crickets too,
Became active to play their music, 
Watching the fast approaching night,
And no one to disturb, their mighty kingdom. 

Suddenly I felt a touch of soft cool breeze,
As if,  it was was trying to console me, 
Do not worry “I am with you”

Kanpur India 24th Jan. 2012