This Cold Morning In December

Written by: Bryan De Poet

Some memoirs are
just hard to erase
because they are
That cold morning in
December last year!
When I peeked
through the window,
And I unsealed my
lungs to breathe in
A breath wandering
for warmth, after a
glance of frost!
Whoever knows how
cold it’s in winter,
will accede with me,
How hard it’s to
swallow the cold
Looking back in the
review, blazing
I may need a heavier
duvet to shelter me,

Or an open wing
willing to cover my
Towards only a
single memoir of a
This warmth is for
today not for
Princess shall you
cover me like you
cover your own skin?
Look out for warmth?

Erect a tepid
fortress for only
two of us?
Because I believe in
you, I believe in
Another cold day in
Should seize with
you ubiquitous. 

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