Written by: Brian Pierre-Alexander

You’re like the roses on my tree
A lily in the pond that heals
A lily princess among queens
So is your love among young and old
As the apple heart as pure as gold

My humble queen under the sun
With locks like wool and long
You’re my fruit of sweet taste
That brought me banquet haste
And the banner over my heart 
A sign of something good about to start

Stay with me my raisin, “O” My
Refresh me with your smile
For you’re modest and humble
Someone of pure vibes, no stumble

The inner most spirit of your divine nature
Could not have came any later
By the role you play or reveal
You conjure up and awake my zeal
For its you I am pleased
Your vociferous charm announces 
Leaping notes on my ear drums-zz

©Copyright May, 2007 by Brian Pierre-Alexander
© All Rights Reserved