Life Goes On

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                              Loneliness is standing alone in a crowd,
                                              it is not being heard when you speak loud;
                                              it is being the last grape on the grapevine,
                                              the one that doesn't become the wine;
                                              you fall to the ground to just lie and rot,
                                              to be part of dinner you will become, not;
                                              on the ground you decay and become dirt,
                                              of your sweet juices we get not a squirt;
                                              but in the spring, under the melting snow,
                                              you begin new life as you begin to grow;
                                              a new grapevine you just seem to appear,
                                              giving the grapes for a new wine this year;
                                              continuing the cycle started many years ago,
                                              dropping lonely grapes beneath fallen snow.