Again and Again

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                                  In spite of my average mediocrity,
                                                  I am adorned with great tenacity;
                                                  my desire and will to always win,
                                                  keeps me returning again and again;
                                                  I have loved before and I have lost,
                                                  I've paid the price and absorbed the cost;
                                                  then I loved again, and it too fell apart,
                                                  again it left me with a broken heart;
                                                  then I loved another, until she died,
                                                  alone again, how I cried and I cried;
                                                  now there is you, standing beside me,
                                                  accepting my life and hearing my plea;
                                                  become my partner, become my wife, 
                                                  be mine forever until the end of my life.