Conscience Beeper

Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Go to church to feel good and wish upon a dream?
to feed that unquenchable self esteem ?
Probably shouldn’t bother if that’s the reason,
Means the body is warm but the soul is freezing’.
One will get the same watching tv.
That’s how they get you and me.
Every ad is laced with “You Deserve it!”
Or a shake of the long hair,
“Because I’m Worth it!”
Everything in the world is geared to our vanity,
That’s what sells. It’s insanity.
Going to church because the people treat you nice,
And the smiling pastor remembered your name?
If yes then going to a bar would suffice
Now wouldn’t that be a damned shame.
Think maybe there must be something deeper?
Maybe it’s time to answer the Lord’s beeper...?