House On Fire

Written by: sadaf syed

My house is on fire?
Now don't rush me out
In haste,as there is something
I can't go on without.

For my heart has started to kindle,
As beyond the smoke and flame I see,
An important bag of mine there,on that shelf
Waiting to be picked up by me.

To hell with that bag?
Mind your tongue, you don't have a clue.
When you take a look at it's contents
Will you understand my point of view.

My memories- Momentos from school,albums,
A dead friend's last words written for me, in it lie.
Organised pictures of family, childhood stuff,
I can't stand back and watch them all die.

I know that I must hurry, my house is on fire,
But without it I won't budge through the door.
Because I can earn back money to buy furniture,antiques,gems, 
But not the treasure in my bag,for sure.

(Dedicated To My Memory Bag)