the beginning

Written by: desiree imbery

I'm not the only one who gets nervous
Its a two way street
We are taking baby steps
I couldn't love that choice anymore than I do. 

I dont feel alone anymore
Don't know much about each other. 
Ive never felt so close to anyone
We have this curious connection

It feel so lifeless right now
Its a good feeling to be wanted
To be cared about
To be respected

Don't need to impress him
I can be myself
He knows me for who I am
He has seen me go through every emotion
and he still keeps coming back

The little things he does
Mean so much to me 
He knows when somethings wrong
He lets me know he's there for me

His father instincts are amazing 
Even shows on my boys
Makes me stop and think
How much better can this get