Standing Proud

Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                             There you are, standing tall and proud,
                                             in a field of onions, away from the crowd;
                                             appearing grandiose and tickling our noses,
                                             a lonely plant of beautiful sweet red roses;
                                             standing so tall, and so proud and so true,
                                             impressing the world the whole day through;
                                             as you stand above all your surroundings,
                                             listening to the birds and forestry soundings;
                                             you stand for honesty, faithfulness and beauty,
                                             knowing our true love is our only sacred duty;
                                             you are my deserving queen as i am your king,
                                             not to command but rather to request as i sing;
                                             a beautiful love song to tickle your soft heart,
                                             as together forever, we will never be apart.