The Plight of America

Written by: Curtis Moorman

O gracious God, the heathens are among us
They have defiled Your holy temple
America is on a downward spiral
We are scorned and ridiculed by other countries

Pour out thy wrath on the heathen
Those who deny You and fail to call on You
Recall not our former iniquities
Surround us with Your tender mercy

O God of our salvation, we glorify You
How is it the heathen asks, "where is their God?"
We thy people, and the sheep of thy pasture
Will give thee thanks now and forever

We will show forth thy praise to all generations
Turn us back to thee, O God
And cause thy face to shine upon us
That we may be saved

Return, we beseech thee, O God of hosts
Let thy hand be upon us
So we will not go back from thee
Cause thy face to shine and save us, O God

Curtis Moorman
20 January 2012

Loosely based on Psalms 79 and 80