The vacation- Part 3 of 7

Written by: sadaf syed

Part 3

I woke up,someone pulling me up I found,
Everyone were panicked,chaos all around.
A terrorist said,"If authorities don't want to carry out our will,
We might as well show them,we won't back out to kill."

In a flash, realized that my life was at stake,
They had decided,non other than me to take.
As Jake struggled from their clutches to break free,
He said,"Leave her alone, instead take me."

They sneered, "We want their seriousness, so well,
We need a lady, go to hell."
Jake grew violent , so loudly he did shout
And with a blow to the head they knocked him out.

Then everyone became quiet,there was no sound,
He fainted,fell to the ground.
Whatever happening wasn't right,
I kept on looking at him,until out  of sight.

I thought as they pulled me away,
Was this supposed to be my last day.
Was as sad as I could be
They tied me over to a tree.

They kept on talking, I closed my eyes,
In front of me, flashbacks did arise.
Then there came to my mind,his one line-
"Without you,dead is the world of mine."