Offering Serenity

Written by: John Castro

mangled memories and misery doors of deception and doubt 
one way in....  one way out 

slumbering children awaken to reality and strife 
into world of vibrational frequencies and light 

our minds hover in darkness as our senses feel for proof 
searching for the subconscious switch that inevitably offers truth 

substituting truth for shades of shallow gray 
sacrificing sanity as sensibility fades away 

listening for the distance knock of oppurtunity 
while we granny clutch the gears of spiritual maturity 

the body weakens with every passing day 
but the spirit strengthens as the flesh is torn away 

as we grow old we are forced to believe in something more 
to believe in something greater than what we are put here for 

we may lose focus and sometimes stray the path 
but our spiritual beings ultimately guides us back 

the polarities of life imprison our minds 
with chains of moral construct 
but a beackon of hope flashes within the mind 
offering serenity from demoralizing conduct 

though we can not physically see...  hope does shine 
we only have to embrace it in the vastness of our minds 

hold true to what is love and hope will play its part 
while love paints the portrait hope will convey the art

thank you miss gwen for giving this poem a proper and honorable title i am really bad with titles i suck at it =)