My Commensal my companion

Written by: Ahsan Rajput

My Commensal, my companion
I didn't ask GOD, nothing
But whenever i pray
Didn’t ask any, but you
This Desideration what, that, my LORD
All news ways for you i.e
All comforts, all eagerness
Bless you all destinations you want
This Desideration what, that, my LORD
Give destiny
Give crown
Give empire
My companion
My life
The Onerous travel of love
Come along with me to think first
I don’t have any skill
But even see my morale
Whatever i have, all is urs
Don’t have any thing else than you
My friendship
My Life
My silence
My helplessly
My morning too
My evening too
My knowledge too
My name too
Even if get my price too
Bless you with all that
My companion do believe it
Do desideration for me, if i cant come
But i still pray this pray
My LORD will tell you
Whenever i desideration from him
Didn’t ask any, but you