The Mist

Written by: Stephan McBride

The morning mist seen at dusk
hovering and surrounding all
searching for a new place to dwell
seems to stand still 
and linger for a long time
but as the morning sun shines down
it will begin to vanish
To come and leave  quickly
as the day will move on
As our Life
For even if we Live on this Earth
longer than one has seen
it shall be but a mist of a day
It is easy to get caught up in this world
when believing this is all we have
thriving to possess all one can obtain
in this short period of time
breeding chaos and greed
Nearsighted of the souls need
Not even ample time for most 
to achieve temporary desires 
longing till the day to be satisfied
While we are not guaranteed 
to even remain a mist until the morning sun
For our time here may seem like forever
with many sufferings and pain
but One who knows the Lord
will be united for eternity
never to remember the waves they sailed
looking for that new land
not to count birthdays again
With no more attacks from ones who love to sin
To embrace the everlasting grin