midnight cooking

Written by: Krystin Lo

Midnight cooking
I awake with my dark room filled with a sweet aroma
Slowly walking down the stairs I see a dim light that looks to be as small as a hand
I follow the light into my uncle’s kitchen
When I step in there I pause looking into the eyes of a stranger
The strange woman was tall with silky golden hair
Her face was pale with two sea green eyes 
The stranger seemed so familiar as if I had meet her somewhere 
 In a gentle voice she asks if I would join her
Without thinking I scurried to a short chair next to the table
The stranger left to go grab something
Once the stranger left I ran towards the pot
I wanted to see what it was so I scurried to it
She came in like a fox quiet and fast 
Startled I ran to the table like a mouse running for its life                                                                                                                                 She asked “Don’t you trust your dear aunt.”
Then I had remembered my uncle had just married and I never had a chance to meet her
I ate quietly and walked to my room and reminisced on the wonderful midnight cooking