In the Calm

Written by: Krystal Cochrane

leave your noise
at the meadow door
pass barefoot along the forest floor
your work and your money
are not so grand
as the shade of an old maple 
that shares the land 

sit with me
where we can spy
on the elusive bird set to fly
trills of Peace   
fall on deaf ears
as much of your time 
on lifeless years

look so far
for happiness in gain
accumulation heavy with pain
needs are objects
wanting more
too busy for living
while you're keeping score.

measure your worth
by the kindness you give
and give of it freely to all who live
there are none undeserving 
of compassion and grace
you might not understand
everyone's race.

winter snow
may settle on your heart
don't let the ice fissure you apart
dig deep and with love
find the light you hold within
an eternal summer
to blaze through the dim.