A change in Me

Written by: Robert Walker

i've always been one to have his head on straight 
maybe i've done a few things that was quite irate
but regaurdless i've always kept my faith
even when life was'nt so great.

to me growing up in charleston was'nt so bad 
had just about everything any other kid had 
a wonderful mom and a decent stepdad
even though i did things to constantly make them mad

i've always had good teachers and preachers and such
between my  mom and them i 'd learned so much
and even the feel of God glorious touch
to whom i knew i could rely on when life got rough

then i moved away from the country 
because i figured that was'nt the place for me
there was so many things i had to do and see
so i decided to move to the big city

for me as a youngster i was so amazed
i got myself into so much,in them days 
totally forgetting to give God his praise 
and Lord knows this was'nt the way i was raised

i started looking at my life and the situation i was in 
knowing i;ve commited so many sins
pretty much lost all my friends
thinking to myself is this how it's going to end

now the question that was really in demand
was why have i  strayed so far from life's plan
it was even hard for my mom to understand 
 why i had become such a changed man 

but right when i thought i nothing else 
God stepped in and said son i never left 
i was just waitin on you to ask for my help
but you had to experince things for yourself

then i was hit with a dose of reality
and it feel so good to be set free 
knowing i have the love and support of my family
and with him i can be all that i can be