The Origin of Politics

Written by: Charles Clive

For years, not a few, and long overdue I came to this realisation how little I knew, in fact not a clue of Classical Civilisation. So out there I flew, on holiday too, to garner familiarisation, to study anew, a modest review of Greece and her rise as a nation. In a car which was blue and not very new, but offered me mobilisation, I stopped, it is true, for a breathtaking view to savour my rustic collation. The wine was a brew of dubious hue, which said it had fermentisation. It wasn’t a cru nor vintage I knew but offered anaesthetisation. With no more to do, the cork I withdrew to satisfy liquidisation. I drank the lot through, my mind all askew, it banished my guilty sensation. When thinking it through, I knew what to do; emboldened with this revelation, bethween me and you, I now can shay BOO to Clathical Shiverlization. ~
by Charles Clive for 'Politically Educated Free Poetry Contest'.