Here will always be home

Written by: Tiana Tillman

Whether u grow up to call Me 
Aunty or Mama T, know that I 
will always love u 
unconditionally. U mean more 
than you know to me. I love u 
as my own, whether u go, just 
know with me, u will always 
have a home. Return whenever 
you desire, there's no telling in 
life what will transpire, but I 
want you to know regardless of 
anything my love for you will 
never expire. You are my little 
princess, anything u wish to 
achieve is within reach. 
Possibilities are limitless. I will 
always be there to encourage 
your progress. No need to 
worry yourself with the worlds 
daily stress. You will be able to 
rise above any obstacles 
because of the morals you 
possess. I only want u to hold 
yourself to high standards 
because u only deserve the 

Dedicated to my foster