Written by: Ronald Karzmarczyk

                                            Just a poor man expressing my feelings,
                                            writing my thoughts and personal dealings;
                                            when one day there was a comment so rude,
                                            felt like a knife from my back did protrude;
                                            slashed through my soul and cut my heart,
                                            from poetry, it almost made me depart;
                                            but now I look back and think of that sot,
                                            and to be like her, I'm glad that I am not;
                                            so I will continue to write what I feel,
                                            as the wounds in my heart begin to heal;
                                            knowing that some appreciate my words,
                                            as others recognize the songs of the birds;
                                            i'll write of death, sadness,life and love,
                                            and anything else that I may think of.