What I Do

Written by: Tim B

I cast out demons and triumph soundly
Twist and twirl in fates like spun webs
Historical meanings, preached moral leanings;
Oh heaven is kinged by the trinity,
Three by three I weave into your tapestry
Curse not to bless best and make you see
Light! Spend not a moment further in
Dispair or Disdain like the moth to flame
You will come to him; the Lord.
Lord walks alongside me, in my pocket
On my lips, the little cross that swings off
My belt. He sayeth to flock, I can show you GOD!
Deviate no more the path, thy deeds wrong and
Singing no heavenly joy. Tests failed and
Ostracized by peers, come to me! My oiled
Shiny seats feel empty, but the stage is set.
I and I alone decide the curtain call,
With his hand on my back; all is well.
I came to God, so that I could teach
I am just a tool now, HE... will preach.