Vessels Journey

Written by: Richard J. Long

Born a soul into a vessel of life
Innocent and pure a spirit riding its ship
The maiden voyage launches without major strife
Where will it guide ones wondrous trip?

The path of night or path of day?
Traveling along every twist and turn
Is it the path where all its dreams lay?
For what end destiny does the heart yearn?

Guiding forces often push one down unintended trail
Heavy burdens carried on vessel’s back
Guideposts and lurking shadows do not avail
Waiting weather and hidden beasts do attack

Sherpas help keep vessels moving along
Opening canopy signals the right way
Guiding vessel toward the summit where it does belong
Vistas become available with the light of day

All senses absorb the astounding view
Site, sound and touch are at their peak
Framed portraits both old and new
While embracing the ultimate destination you seek

By: Richard J. Long 
December 2011