We LOOT Live Only One Time

Written by: Corey Brown

You only live once, but you're born twice.
Only to be taken from this Earth a single time;
and that's a gift due to his sacrifice.
Real talk; no chaser, you know I'm right.
The foolish are sober ignorants, I'd rather be intoxicated by life.
You live for the moment in time.  I walk forming a legacy.
Knowing I have one chance to tap into my destiny.
Recently, you figured out we're only surviving.
I guess everyday's a new discovery 
and we're all scuba-diving.
Somewhere under the depths, searching for peace;
but even after 20,000 leagues...you're mind can't find the silence.
Killing yourself over materials!
I call this self-incorporated violence.
How cold is your necklace? Studded diamond white.
Is it the same chill you feel when your body gives up the ghost in the night?
Forever ingrained into the spirit of mankind
is your soul, and your shoe collection...you have to leave behind.
You only live once; so why not? When you going to do it again?
Til you wake up at Heaven's door, naked, wondering how to get in.