I CALLED YOU MOTHER - to our mother earth

Written by: virginia murru

I CALLED YOU MOTHER (To our mother earth)

You are brief - today earth
don't contain me-
don't comprehend me
you still must learn to speak to me
by telling me how.

You are the one who
opens the seed - naked
and forced it to the song
you set on its centre
an exact address of man
or towering tree
and light 'the kingdom'.

Yet I called 'Mater'- 
your immense face.

When the evenings bouncing on the ridge
and stretch limbs excess in every vital sign
I justified the sky
at the shade of a little knowledge.

I know it is unwise getting your sleep at my vigils-

And you are Gaia that is earth
clods of Intelligence Bread over the clay -

And there's nothing - Gea -
I can teach you-
The sky has no teachers under its arc