Written by: Curtis Moorman


Good morning, Lord!  Thank You for a good night's sleep.

Good morning, My Son!  You're quite welcome.  Are you refreshed and ready?

Well, Lord, I do feel rather energetic, but ready for what?

I'm glad you feel energetic, because you'll need lots of energy for what I have in store for you today.

Oh!  And what might that be, Lord?

You know the widow Jenkins who lives in the rather run down shack on the back forty?  Did you notice that her roof needs some repairs, and the front door is sagging on its hinges.  The window on the south side has two broken panes and the sash needs fixing.

Lord, that lady is noted for being a little “touched in the head”.  Are you sure she won't just send me packin' if I try to help her?

Let me handle her attitude and you do the repairs.  By the way, I noticed that the back steps are missing a couple of risers.  You need to replace those so she doesn't fall going down them.

Lord, You know lumber and hardware aren't exactly cheap and since I had to spend the 300 dollars on my old truck to keep it runnin', I'm kinda strapped for money right now.

Come, come!  Don't you recall that I will supply all your needs?  If you are obedient in this matter and trust my promises, you'll not regret it.

Okay, Lord, I'll get it done, but it won't be easy.

Thank You, Lord, for the strength, energy, and stamina to do all that work for the widow Jenkins.  She is really a sweet lady – and a great cook!  She fixed a lunch for me the likes of which I never had before,  And, she seemed right pleased and appreciative of the fact that I would do all that for her.

What's that, Lord?  You know I don't play the lottery or mess with publishers clearing house and such – Yes Sir, I could use a new truck, but You know I can't afford it.  You what?  They what?  For real?  Why would the preacher and that bunch from the church give me a new truck?  Oh!  You took care of that.  Well, thank You, Lord.  I'm kinda tired so I think I'll turn in now.  Good night, Lord and thank You for all Your blessings.

Curtis Moorman
17 January 2012

For Frank H. contest: Conversation