The Vacation-Part 2 of 7

Written by: sadaf syed

Part 2

No idea of what they wanted till night befell,
Then the reason I heard them tell,
Money and else what they please
Is their fellow terrorists' release.

We knew that the government couldn't agree on a demand as such
Which troubled us all so very much.
Wasn't sure of what next they'd do
They were many hostages here,not just a few.

Out in the cold with just fire heat,
Thankful we were when given something to eat.
Jake sarcastically said"What a romantic night,
Let us have dinner by candlelight.

I gave him a look,he was so funny,
My laughter got everyone staring at me.
We spoke and spoke till late at night,
Forgetting our situation,enjoying the outdoor sight.

He told me as on his lap I lay,
"Would I let anything happen to you?No way!"
Though he seemed cool,I knew he was worried deep,
Closed my eyes and in no time drifted to sleep.