The Pearl And White Rose

Written by: sadaf syed

Oh mighty pearl of the ocean
Accompanying yourself with your own glow,
You didn't feel disheartened as you grew up alone
Under the surface,deep down below.

Oh mighty pearl of the ocean,
Let people judge you not by size.
Your value wasn't anytime hidden from this world,
Owning you is nothing less than a prize.

Oh dearest white rose of the land
Your appearance symbolizes peace.
You spread in the air fragrance of magic
That puts any enmity to ease.

Oh dearest white rose of the land, 
There is no doubt in being sure.
That you won't blacken by anything,
As you are ever so pure.

Oh pearl and white rose of the ocean and land,
Though you both are different it is true.
Both of you are significant and hope one day
I will be as special as you..