The Devil is Man

Written by: Muyideen Ayinla

Eyes beyond mortal scale,
Armoured ships upon the ocean sail;
Voices charging the air's bluff
As souls rises and fall to the rifle's cough

So still was the air waves
Survival was it the soul craves
Blends of atrocities and human foolery,
Calls out to thousand graves.

Man scavenging
Like vultures upon its prey
The zeal to kill
Makes his stomache fill.
Heaven's call; the helpless heard
Ruthless murder the soul do fear.

The sounds of war in the air
Soldiers trampling and unleashing fear.
Nuclear weapons no one dare
Virus unleashed;we pretend to care.

The war brings famine
And hopes unseen.
Death like bird spreads its wing
And to the divine the soul do cling.

Man's inhumanity to man,
A curse or the will to act?
Was it not he who sends mushroom of clouds on Hiroshima?
The epidemics that swallowed all or parts of our lives;
Diseases and starvation are not far from his knowing.

The injustice that ravaged the land
Like a sea flood upon the sand
Washing-off all footprints
That we left in the hands of time.
Good is bad;immorality have became moral.

We feed upon oats of lie
And watch silently as people die,
Casting our destiny into the ocean called strife.
Deep down the trench of good and bad-
The scale of evil outweighs
Then I come to term-
That the devil is man.