Eerie Feeling of DeJa Vu

Written by: Virginia Muller

One sinister night, heavy laden with a
dense layer of fog, no presence of
moon or stars.  Shrieks
of a tree-dwelling owl and eerie noises 
of a double iron gate, hanging,
swinging loosely on rusted hinges at 
an entrance to an old rural cemetery,
was all I immediately heard.

One could barely see the age-old
granite headstones of ancestors
interred centuries ago.

Wait!  Are those footsteps I hear
in the distance?  

Is it just my imagination?

A slight breeze rustles fallen leaves, and 
feelings of fear cause my mind to visualize
spirits and shadows darting in, out, everywhere
around me.  Thus invading the resting places of 
these rusticate deceased souls.

As I awaken, veiled in a blanket of sweat,
great relief overwhelms me, alters me 
into a state of reality.  I arise from my moist
bed sheets, opening heavy drapes, foreseeing
a glorious morning sunrise.

To my horror, all that presents outside
my bedroom window is gray, dark, dense fog.

Quickly, I close the curtains, asking myself;
"Was it only a dream, or was there 
something more?"

Indeed, an eerie feeling of Deja vu!