To Feel

Written by: L.Ruby Meyer

I need to; Lay on the beach and feel the wet sand on my skin. Wander through a field of sunflowers. Believe in the power of love. I need to; Swim naked in warm blue water. Walk a path in the woods saying hello to everything green and alive. Sit amongst the roots of a giant tree and just be still. I need to; Feel simplistic joy, and not let anything stop me from feeling it out loud. Feel the earth between my toes. Feel there is no reason I can't do anything. I need to; Dance with abandon to a drumbeat around a midnight fire. Be with others who are not afraid to be completely in the moment. I need to; Feel connected to humanity by a hand held gently to my face, or the achingly sweet press of lips to my forehead. Feel the warm and wonderful hands of my children held within my own. Fall asleep with a smile on my face. I need to; feel. L. ruby Meyer