Where can I go

Written by: Dave Timperley

Where can I go when the world crowds in?
Where can I go when the noise becomes din?
Can I go off in my car to a place that is quiet?
In a bustling city, no way, just you try it!

I thought of a place that is not hard to find,
It's inside my head, it's inside my mind.
If I try real hard, when I'm all by myself,
It's just like a parcel left high on a shelf.

It's peaceful up there, alone on the shelf,
In time they'll forget and I'll be by myself.
I don't want the noise, the stress and the trouble,
Just leave me alone in my own little bubble.

Man isn't an island, I've heard people say,
But i'd like to try it, maybe just for a day.
What would I do? To myself I would say,
Relax, and just see what came my way.

My mind is a place of infinite space,
I can travel the world without moving a pace.
Look up at the moon,I'm there in a bound,
There is no air, so there is no sound. 

I can look at the sky and soar with the birds,
I can race on the plains with the animal herds.
I can swim in the deep, see all marine life,
In my mind I can do this without any strife.

How long can I do it? How long can I stay?
It was great while it lasted,
Of that there's no doubt
But sooner or later I will be found out.

A knock on the door, a shout from afar,
Back to earth with a resounding jar.
I enjoyed my trip and I will go again
Into my mind, where there's peace and no pain.

© Dave Timperley 2012