Written by: ernest nepomuceno

Coldness I these winter nights undertake my body usurps my reserved warmth with a strangle hold scraping my nape with night fissures of black bleeding my body shrieks to the jerking marrow and denudes the caverns through my nose as my breath is a frozen gust along the obsidian sky fingertips paralyzed -curled to the clutch of my palms that can't defrost the serrated shards of the night solidify as my body convulses and crystalize the coldness' thickens as the pace of the air pervades until all of me - sent like ashes from glaciers burned - begin to evaporate .. .......... II as i ascend - there is a silence a linear silence that tauts the horizon and there is abscence -the abscence of the light ...........comfort about the infinite dark with the pulsating breathing of the shimmering stars and the clarity of the large sky i oscillate around your satellite forever like a mortal coil