Written by: Prince Ekpemandu

Like dark chocolate,
She is my favorite.
A redefined taste of perfection and originality,
An embodiment of beauty,
Not in some quantity,
But with endowed with plenty and quality.
Dark creamed co lour,
Enchanter with a pleasant oozing odor,
Giving her epicures an experience
Of absolute brilliance.
O! She is like a unique sample,
Her lips are very tasty samples.
The sun gives her skin a sparky shine,
Like the gold of king Solomon mines.
A bit of her lips are like pure honey.
The feel of her skin is more desirable than money
She is black and beautiful
Her beauty is so edible.
As her looks implies.
She is a beauty simplified
In a complex sense that can not be decipher.
She is a beauty that is a miracle
She is black and beautiful...