Written by: elijah prophet

I don't want to just live, because the difference is living rightly.
Each awakening day I desire to search for an opportunity to bless

 I  have no parents. I have no intimate relationship. I have no family in
these United States Of Her, Majesty, America. Do I have a friendship such
as Jonathan had with King David? No, because so many speak of the word, but
truly don't embrace the real essence of such a profound and powerful word.

However, I do have a spiritual love affair with my beloveth Lord and Saviour,
Jesus Christ Of Nazareth.  Now perhap's you feel no apathy for me, because of
such a mellifluous relationship of love with The Lord.

Thus, is the reason why I just don't want to just live. Instead He taught me how to
truly live the enrich and abundant life through His Wonderful Teaching. Do I experience
loneliness as all humans may experience from time to time.  Absoulutely, but I know I can cry out to Him and He remove my loneliness, because I am His son.  So you see. I don't want to just "live."  I seek to give and live abundantly through my giving of my inner joy, love, peace, and harmony.

So please! I beseech each of you. Don't just live! Live inside of your giving to those YOU know need.