Crying Through A Sleepless Night

Written by: Leanne Perks

Crying tears, that washed away the anguish and fears 
my eyes were filled with sadness to take away
the stain of the badness.

My heart beat raced as my mind took pace 
and total grief  fell upon my face 
I felt sick and  in need of some space.

It was the first cut of an emotional wound
that I had ever experienced and it 
was so deep it hurt so great it stopped me
from  sleep, all I could really do was 
cry and weep till my heart had enough
but how it hurt inside my heart and mind
reminding me of the one to find who is
loving,special and oh so kind.

It took time to heal the pain I did feel as it was so
deeply cut and real but intime I was able 
to be emotionally stable and 
I did move on and now I can carry on 
and feel like a new person with a  positive 
outlook and view as I met somebody new
and that person is you.