A full of Piss

Written by: Daljit Khankhana

The growth is natural but the efforts have progress. 
How professional a person is, intellect seems when a matter has discuss?
Physically or mentally, human has same level, 
other matter, who is developed or miss. 
Sex, anger, greed, affection or pride,
Natural factors, designing everyone’s life,
How a mind sharp or a soul is kind?
Reserve nature or socialization has own business.
Everything has two pairs, parallel or oppose,
Up or down, left or right and dark or bright,
Everything is mortal that we care or careless.
Nobody can add or alter, how is strange?
A day or night or weather runs itself,
All natural things are free, me is really impress.
Crisis and disaster also a part of living,
Systematically works perfect that is feeble or strong,
Life has nothing to gain at last, everything is stress.
Life is natural who lives natural a person needs to decide,
A religion, creed, colour, gender or caste,
Criminality develops itself when a life is full of piss?