Naked as We Came

Written by: Annalise Brigham

I walk the broken asphalt streets of a once proud city
Where proud monuments still stand tall and sturdy
Built to honor patriots; dedicated men of yesterday
Men who knew the meaning of honor and integrity 
Men who sought office not for power or riches
But for the love of their country and her people 
And I cringe at the thought, were they alive, 
How infuriated they’d be to see

Broken hopes dried up and tossed aside   
Broken promises crumbling like the broken streets 
Broken citizens peacefully protesting
See them tempted to revolt 
As they plead for their children’s tomorrows 
See the broken system and a bureaucracy pregnant with errant ways 
Hypocrisy no longer hides her face 
She flaunts her wares with ease 
Emboldened by ill-gotten wealth
Blind to the writing on the wall!

If alive today, we’d hear them cry,
‘Tear down these Billboards of blatant lies 
Break the platforms of clever rhetoric
Put an end to infantile bickering
Erase all the superficialities
Wake up to your reality 
In the final analysis
One simple truth remains…
Each of us will exit this stage
As naked as we came!