Written by: Andre Rogers

As I drift off into a very unconscious state
I see like a movie playing it’s okay but isn’t great
It starts like this I notice a field in some town
But I begin to wonder why there isn’t anybody around
So I decide to do a little looking and exploring for myself
I wish I could find out why I’m here and why nobody is left
Now I perceive a person but he looks like he is nervous
And I muse over the fact that he could be dangerous
Well about ten minutes go pass and he comes on over
He starts to tell me then his head turns into a clover
So now the atmosphere begins to turn drearisome
I tell him that I’m taking off and he starts to hum
He said he knows things about me and that I am not dumb
As worry sets in I wonder what he is going to say next
Is this man crazy is he going to place in my life a hex
He tells me he’s been sent as my personal lucky charm
In no way, shape, form, or fashion will he do me any harm
The man walks off and tells me to follow him
So I do it but I feel like I am going out on a limb
We get to this huge three story creepy looking house
When we get in he gives a creepy look and a devilish grin
Now I realize that this is nobody that could be a friend
The walls cave in and fire everywhere is he messing with my mind
He appears to be tumultuous and tells me better luck next time
Maybe it’s not what it resembles or even what it may seem
He I guess it is just “A Dreamer’s Dream”
                                                           Thoughts by: A.I.R.