Written by: Suzanne C. Goudreau

She was carefree of nature
Innocent, clever and wise
Living life with great pleasure
She was whole, bore no disguise

Work and play, her incentives
Keep a straight line, no slouching
Friends would call her perceptive
Devotion and love, moving

This day, mis-understanding
Accused of falsifying
A rough paper for scribbling
Caught in the wrong hands, asking

Did you add a comment here?
This document is not clear
Creation of deception
Called for a needed action

Who had given them the right
To use my personal plight
This paper is mine only
I have your standing copy

Did you ask for this paper?
Without consent, you grabbed it
I have the right endeavour
Keep the new version, it fits

I was born to be carefree
Your comments are fancy free
Your concerns touch me, I say
Bright true love, going your way...