Written by: sadaf syed

Secrets are not told and kept intact
Because we are not sure how others will react.
Secrets are meant to be unknown
Shackled,chained and all alone.
Pulled away from everyone's sight,
Into the chamber of darkness where there is no light.
They wait for days,weeks or maybe years,
To escape and put an end to their tears
And  when that happens they throw up the veil,
The things which were once hidden are spread in the air.
They unfold for good or otherwise worse
Without caring whether the consequences turn out to be a blessing or a curse.
Then they happily go away,
Out in the sunlight,into the day.
However back in the chamber many of them are dead and even more still in captivity
But watch out as they do never give up their desire to be free.

-Sadaf Syed