Written by: Drake Eszes

Water drop

Did I need to taste your sorrow?

She drowned me
While screaming fixated curiosities
Why I would not return

Oblivious to the obvious

Dilapidated wonder-wall
dripping concrete uncertainty

The fusion of incomprehensible dependency
retarding mass exodus of heart

As she cries all over again

I become a ripped towelette
thrown over her tattered neck of loneliness,
rushing into enigmatic corazon

I embrace familiar barrier
blocking out ultraviolet massacres
speaking subdued tongues,
another floating perdition
a new painting against recycled canvas

Sweet dreams made

Did I need to taste the desolate madrigal
that I see running towards conundrum's savior,
still ready to love me tomorrow?

This heart is full.

I remove her weeping moon
searching for crescent bounds,
riding precipitous eclipse

My ears lie against vertigo's throat of irregularities
As she begs for the liar to return home

Because I always mattered
in the end


© Drake J. Eszes
"Forever will a scar remain upon broken ties. Memories serve to both assure and ruin in my eyes." -Anonymous