Earth's Anguish

Written by: Benjamin Joshua Obeng

Return! Return!

The men You seek Are Dead

Return to your Ashen Pagodas

For now there will be no more bloodshed

No more cries at night from the widows.

The Widows!

Where are the Widows?

Lying next to their husbands bones

Their bleeding souls cannot let go

They have decided to live in misery

And to eat grapes gone sour

And to not see the sun

Until their lives someone takes

If the widows die when the Moon is High

The Earth will mount its earthly horse

And seek out the men at fault

For with love they wooed power

And forgot the power of Love

Yes, the earth will sing a war song

And the whole world will hear

The devastating music

And when the melody stops

So will their Hearts as well.