New Year

Written by: Mohammad Yamin

Year 2011 dead, its body lying in state
With all its achievements, faults, flaws
Failures, ailments and deprivation's floodgate
Stock market collapsing, euro in Dollar’s claws
Italy, Greece and Portugal in financial mess
China and India vying for superiority
Osama shot dead, how else Obama could impress
His nation clamoring for changed priority

Hosne Mubark dethroned, Gaddafi slain
Syria witnessing blood bath, Middle East in gloom
In Pakistan corrupt leaders reign
Afghanistan proving Nato soldiers doom

New sun of 2012 has buried the past year
Faces of hope are shinning with glow
Flowers of anticipation blowing far an near
The sky dressed with colorful rainbow

The year will see Israel’s expansionism harnessed
From Iraq and Afghanistan  US and Nato forces retreat
Palestinians wounds nursed and dressed
Kashmiris right of self determination with success meet

Nations will see the bride of prosperity usher
Peace and tranquility to prevail and rule
People not with war and killings suffer
Children not to see the bombings of school

New Year brings the promises new
New shine in eyes and new flame in hearts
Roses blushing with the kiss of dew
Hearts pricked with Cupid’s darts