Lee Ramage-Our random plea

Written by: Natalie The Rogue Rhymer

My Dearest Lee…How we miss thee!
Please come back…here is our plea…
If you’d come back, we agree…
To eat cold Brussels sprouts and a pea
To swim across the Yellow sea
To take you on a shopping spree
To suck the stinger from a bee
To take you to Vail and let you ski
To shine your name on a marquee
To rig you kids’ spelling bee
To let you race in the Grand Prix
To arrange with the queen, afternoon tea
To kick Chris and Frank in the knee
To give up our glass of Chablis
To let you win every game of yahtzee
To run around naked, like a banshee 
Lee, please come back and hear our plea
Then we will all be yellin’ “YIPPEE”

*Now Lee…we would never really kick Chris and Frank in the knee b/c we love them dearly but the rest is true :)  We really miss your style of poetry…your message pieces…your unique way of telling a story.  Please come back to us my dear.  

By:  Natalie The Rogue Rhymer :)