lady in red

Written by: Amanda Miller

In accordance to annoyance
The sage gracefully treads
In crimson red 
She walks the road 
Light on her feet
As if almost in air

Delicate curls grace her hips
Her eyes as red as her ravenous lips
Curves , carved as to perfection 
Of angels and gods
Fallen far from heaven

She guards the lands 
Protects it soil
The flesh that breathes
Even their willing steeds
Prematurely agitated 
She calms them as they breed 

But hidden under that saintly fa├žade
Lies intent so deepy scarred
Villainous , so filled with rage
With death She be pleased
With blood She be praised

Her strength, be judged not by a 
For alarming,  a beauty
Her only plan, be to make you pay
Revenge She seeks , of mercy not, 
She speaks
For all that remains
Is her dark blood garnished sheath 

Katana in hand She swiftly moves 
Soft on feet 
The streets She roams 
Her mask returned She pales to grey
Bloody thirst concealed, delayed
Be warned , however , be not fooled
For beyond her beauty, 
Lies nothing but the grave
Amanda Miller