Written by: Robert A. Dufresne

Feelings, , sentiments, happiness, devotions,
Anger, jealousy, joyful emotions.

What is love? Is it a feeling?
Are their a myriad of kinds?
A spirit that comes stealing?
Perhaps a chemical that binds?

One definition I am told,
is the desire for the good of another
over the welfare of yourself.
If I may be so bold,
that’s where the road meets the rubber,
One’s “feelings” belong on the shelf.

When a Mom is handed her new born in bed
to be greeted, loved , explored and fed,
to see the power of Mom holding her new born babe,
It’s the truest, strongest love connection made.

Oh the feelings! Joy, pride, Love, protectiveness,
warmth, strength, bliss, heart bursting happiness!
All these wonderful feelings but …much, much more!
Growing in the wealth of Love has pain in store

Is love a feeling ?

Look at the same Mom at home three weeks down the road,
Her babe crying and fussing four nights in a row, 
Mom is sleepless, fatigued, angry:  a joyless load.
Mom’s given her all, these seeds she didn't sow,

The original “love feelings” are not there,
She is ragged, worried and worn.
Has she stopped loving her new born?
Does she love her babe any less?

So is “true love” a feeling?
Ask her… Mother knows best.

For "Secondhand Emotion" contest
sponsored by: 
Dana'Lynn Smith
written by: 
Robert A. Dufresne 1/13/12
inspired by my Pastor: Fr Frank