He Says More

Written by: Andre Rogers

“He Says More”
You better believe in me
 ‘Cause in time you’ll need me
 Life into you I have breathed
 Through my word you shall take heed
 For I am filled with jealousy
 When you choose a life of hypocrisy
 You will receive a lot, not just for show
 From whom all blessings flow
 My kingdom will be your safe haven
 You are saved in spite of all the misbehaving
 I will answer that knock at the door
 Stay with me still “HE SAYS MORE”
Whom have I in heaven but you
 Give me praise in all that you do
 I am with you always
 Even to the end of the age
 I have no pleasure in the death of the wicked
 The Coming of the Son of God has been predicted
 For why should you die O' house of Israel
 By grace through faith all shall be healed
 Worship puts God at the center of our vision
 Wisdom, Knowledge, and Understanding as well
 as Humility and Hope is the key to the ignition
 I know your works see, I have set before you an open door
 Aren’t we blessed that “He Says More” Amen…