painfully free

Written by: Germaine Pasley

i walk slowly to my death, among fields of flowers bloom.
i can feel the petals rip my skin apart, as i brush slightly past.
the wind slaps my face as i move, each step a painful reminder that life is fleeting
rays from the sun burn holes in my mind, just a sign of the carnage yet to come.

the sun's flower burns my fingers as i graze along the center, testing myself
dark welts rise up and form painfully where i grasp, holding tight i continue forward.
it seems so foolish now, as i stand surrounded by my death
the thought of leaving this world for another

yet as i gasp for breath i am reminded that it is too late
theres certain death where i stand, and peace is too far away
i lay down and bring the petals blooms close to my body
its time to embrace the pain meant for me alone and leave this world

finally free