Cornflakes, Crosswords and Coffee

Written by: Krystal Cochrane

Cornflakes with honey and chilled little feet
from drafty morning windows and cool tile floors
sits next to her grandfather to listen 
as he tells stories from his days in the war.
She watches him lift his ceramic brown mug 
with steam like silhouette hands reaching his face
the black brew smells of warm summer soil 
so she leans over and asks for a taste.
"This drink is for the adults, dear, you're much too young,
the flavour is too bitter and strong for your tongue."
The aroma mixes with newspaper and aftershave
she stares at the mug's water black and mysterious 
then rests her little head on his sweater to watch 
as he marks letters in the crossword with eyes so serious.  
Memories of breakfast together are never lost 
feeling safe and calm and completely at peace
they live in every sip of her morning coffee 
with cornflakes, crosswords and chilled little feet.