What my heart wants to say

Written by: Leanne Perks

How do I say this, I need to express to you in a kind a gentle way what my heart is yearning to say.
I know how much you truly care and how comforting to know you will always be there.

I  want to know if there is anything more for us because I think you feel the same as I, but the thought of knowing you might not makes me cry wondering for the reasons why as I am certain that twinkle in your eye says you do but how I need to know before my feelings grow and blossom into True Love intself so please if you feel this strong surge that I do eachtime we meet, and you feel so complete when in my company.
Then I'll know for sure but don't leaving me hanging too long as I don't think I can carry on as my emotions are reaching their peak and  True Love is what I seek to find. Someone Charming, Loving and as kind as you would be  for me a dream come true, so please make it happen, Please let it be you, I would be loyal and true if I spent my 
life with you, never would you have to be lonely or blue as I would be there for you to love and care for you.
Everything would be in place and how happy I would be to wake up to see your face. Watch this space.........